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Paint ball guns are very popular. People spend some time on their vacation to play with these paintball guns. It is a good extracurricular activity which can be a better option if someone wants to play an outdoor game with their friends or families. These sports help you to develop leadership and will increase your concentration and presence of mind. It is fun to play this sport overall. People enjoy it and it is becoming popular day by day. Paintballs hit very hard but the suit you will be provided will protect you but you can still feel the pain which is bearable.

The paint ball guns operate with compressed gas. The gas can be either air or carbon dioxide. Both types of paintball guns are available and there is not so much difference between them. The tank of paintball guns filled to 3,000-4,500 pounds per square inch (psi). To fill these paintball gun’s tank requires heavy-duty compressors and equipment. One can buy best air compressor for engraving from the market as well as from online shopping stores. Paintball guns with compressed air are better from the one having compressed CO2.

This creates a problem for every person who plays this sports often. Where can they get their high-pressure air (HPA) tanks filled? You can turn to a number of stores for cheap fills, or you can do it yourself, it all depends on you but, be prepared to spend some money.

Acoording to law, filled gas tanks of any paintball guns cannot be shipped anywhere (with the exception of one-time use and 12-gram CO2 cartridges). When you are buying your equipment online, do not expect that you will get your tank which will be all ready to use in the paintball field. But if you’re considering compressed air, look into local tank-filling options before making a purchase.

Paintball Shops and Competition Fields

The first place you should go to fill your paintball gun’s tank is to look for tank filling is at your local paintball store and competition field. Most shops and fields have the equipment which will safely fill your compressed air tanks while some of them will fill them for free for you. However, you’re more likely to pay one to three dollars for every 1,000 psi.

If there is not a paintball field or store near your area, check around with local paintball enthusiasts. Some owners of completely unrelated businesses have invested in HPA tank compressors just to suit their own needs. They will often fill tanks as a side buisness just to bring in a little extra cash (and to help pay off the equipment). If any retailers like this are located in your area, your fellow paintballers may know about them. Online paintball forums and clubs may also be able to steer you in the right direction.

Tips for Filling HPA Tanks

No matter where you get your tank filled, there are surely a few things which you should keep in mind

• HPA tanks have a “hydro date” indicating the last time they were inspected. All tanks should be renewed within five years.
• Never ever put grease or any kind of oil on a tank’s fill nipple. While filling the tank, do remember that heat will build up and warm these flammable oils, creating the potential for the fire so be very careful.
• Keep your tanks out of direct sunlight and try to avoid leaving them in a hot car as a little bit of heat can be dangerous. This goes for all paintball tanks: pressure can build up and blow a burst disc in a CO2 tank. While HPA tanks aren’t likely to over-pressurize, too much heat will damage your paintball gun’s regulator seals.
• Protect your tanks with a tank cover or something similar, such as a fabric bag.
• When filling tanks, it is best to do a “slow fill.” If a tank is filled too fast, you will lose some psi because due to pressure the air cools. This means that your 3,000 psi tank may only end up with 2,500 psi in the end. Most paintball and scuba store operators know this, but it’s important to remember if you’re filling your own tank.

Fill Your Tanks at Home

If you own a scuba tank, you’re halfway to filing your paintball tanks at home. A scuba tank filled at your local scuba shop can easily fill compressed air tanks from paintball guns but, you should also a scuba fill station to do so.

A 3,000 psi scuba tank can fill a compressed air tank for an air ball gun about 15 to 20 times. However, the tank will cost you a few hundred dollars, and you will have to pay to get it filled. Consider this when weighing your options. If you live an inconvenient distance from stores that fill paintball tanks, buying and filling a scuba tank may be a good option.

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